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Contact lens review: Super Pinky Grey 

Bought this pair last year and actually wanted to do a review but haven’t got the time to take photos. For the first pic, the one on top is taken facing the sun light source, while the bottom one is taken in indoor lighting (Do pardon the make up. I was doing a make up test 8’D) . The second image is taken with DSLR in a naturally lit room. 

Colour and pattern: 10/10
I really like it cause it’s the lightest pair of grey lens I’ve ever had. Since my iris is really dark, the fact that it shows up so light in my eyes goes to show how bright it is! I like that the lens doesn’t have a really thick black ring on the outside. Instead it has this subtle little lines all around, so it looks like a natural iris. 

Comfort: 7/10
However it’s not the most comfortable lens I have >__< It dries up really fast and the left one is constantly shifting in my eyes and affecting my vision to a certain extend. T_T 

All in all, I’ll still continue using it for cosplay, but definitely not for daily wear. >x<  

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Kill la Kill キルラキル

Satsuki Kiryuin 鬼龍院 皐月 by Kanasaiii

Photos by Nik Yan & Cvy

Bakuzan, Gako & Glove made by Kanasaiii
Costume by Ashteyz Liew
Shoot Assist by Wong Yokey Heng, Data Ronin

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[黒崎蘭丸: viospace | PHOTO BY: Nik Yan | 2014年2月9日]
Photoshoot 2014


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First costume made in 2014! This is for Uta no Prince-sama: Mikaze Ai’s image in the Shining Theatre Troupe’s Masquerade Mirage~

It’s a relatively straightforward costume to draft, but more tedious to sew due to all the box pleats (again). I spent two days trying to figure out the best fold for the sleeve pleats. =A= 

The mask was quite fun to make, but I only managed to work on it two weeks before the shoot as I had been trying to find the materials to make the mask handle. =v= Wanted to achieve a super shiny black look for the mask and was worried that the black spray i bought won’t work (as it is not Metallic Black), but it turned out fine due to the thick layers of gesso I’ve applied on the mask surface~


So. This morning, Broccoli announced new songs for the seniors, and here’s my reaction to Ranmaru’s songs.  


SCL project has always been one of my favourite producers of vocaloid songs since I really like their vkei-ish songs haha~ For a few years I’ve been thinking of doing a shoot for a SCL song, but didn’t managed to, until Arrest Rose, so I am really grateful to my team mates for agreeing to join me! >v<


Gakupo: Jesuke (
Kaito: Viospace (
Len: Xiaobai (

Photographer: Nik (

Helpers: Kanasaiii, Verse, Dan, Zander, Sihan and Kyon. 

Special thanks to yyumi for Kaito’s bass, Lawliet for Len’s guitar and Zander for the microphones and stands. 

Without further ado, here’s the full set! :D

p.s: some BL shots at the end. 


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Cosplayed 18 times this year! (excluding the time when I stand in as Kalluto for Genei Ryodan team 8’D)

It’s been a long year I feel, to the extend that whatever happened in the 1st half of the year seems like last year instead. In anycase, I feel that I have improved from last year, but not exactly by a huge margin. 

One thing I am really happy though, is that I’ve made more costumes with my own hands this year! 5 costumes (Utapri SAS, Alluka, Arrest Rose, Karneval Nai), compared to last year’s 3! *^* I will try to do more next year as well. I’ll also like to attempt more prop intensive coses too…=m= Didn’t make much prop this year at all. 

This year, I’ve also tried out different make up styles for each character. It’s fun experimenting and trying to achieve different eye shape for each cos. 

All in all, 2013 has been pretty fruitful in terms of this hobby. Looking forward, there are a few plans that I am eager to start on in 2014! Can’t wait~ >v< 

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Last cosplay of the year was Nai from Karneval~ Choose this version cause I find it really cute, but I had quite a rush to finish it as I started too late, and was procrastinating till the end. So, technically, this costume is incomplete as I have not finished the hat 8’) One thing I am proud of is that I used left over cloth from other costumes to make this! >v<b I hope I can do this more for the next few coses too! :D 

The costume quite straightforward to make in a sense, and hopefully I think this means that my drafting is getting better…? QvQ Putting everything together was okay, but the box pleats really took up alot of time. =_= I also took a very long time with the collar cause i wasnt sure if I was on the right track or not. 

Also kinda made my own buttons cause I couldn’t find the exact kind I need. I bought nice plastic gem buttons, pasted pearls around them to get the shape, then paint them gold. 

The wig was actually a wig for No.6 Shion ahaha 8’D I’m glad it works for Nai as well! 

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Sakizo - Alice in Wonderland 

Cosplayer: Xiaobai (
Photographer: Blurmage 

Some photos taken during AFA’13~ 

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Levi Rivaille*Yasato
Erwin Smith*Keiya


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